Dear Fellow American,

For 10 1/2 hours last Wednesday, Rand Paul stared down the surveillance state by filibustering the so-called "Patriot" Act.

And early Saturday morning, Senator Paul objected to multipe requests to reauthorize the "Patriot" Act.

When the senate reconvenes, it's going to be up to you and me to create enough pressure to run out the clock on the surveillance state and end illegal NSA spying.

On May 31, the surveillance statists have only 8 hours to continue illegal spying, so please sign your "I Object!" Citizen’s Objection to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and your U.S. Senators urging them to Stand with Rand and oppose any extension of the illegal "Patriot" Act provisions.

For Liberty,
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Ron Paul

"I Object!" Citizen’s Objection to:

Mitch McConnell & My U.S. Senators

Whereas:   On May 23, 2015, Senator Rand Paul led objections to a series of consent agreements to extend expiring "Patriot" Act provisions over Senator McConnell's refusal to allow simple-majority votes on two amendments to significantly strengthen the phony "reforms" of the USA FREEDOM Act; and
Whereas:   The House-passed USA FREEDOM Act extends these provisions until 2019 while continuing to allow certain types of bulk data collection on the American people; and
Whereas:   The current version of the USA FREEDOM Act was negotiated between the White House, the House Intelligence Committee, House Judiciary Committee, and members of House and Senate leadership and representatives in the House were denied any opportunity for amendments; and
Whereas:   The American people deserve a vigorous debate over reauthorizing these authorities and their elected representatives deserve the opportunity to amend and seek improvements on the USA FREEDOM Act; and
Whereas:   The Senate should not pass the House-passed USA FREEDOM Act without first adopting Senator Paul's amendments to begin restoring American's civil liberties; and
Therefore: I object to the Senate reauthorizing any extension of the illegal "Patriot" Act provisions, whether under the House-passed USA FREEDOM Act or other legislation, allowing continued surveillance on the American people.

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