The Dodd Homeowner Control Act (S.1619) will impose Barack Obama, Chris Dodd, and the radical globalist environmentalists' agenda on communities all across America.

      That's why it is vital you sign this petition to your senators DEMANDING they vote against the Dodd Homeowner Control Act.

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"Stop the Dodd Homeowner Control Act
Petition to the U.S. Senate"

Whereas:   Passage of the Dodd Homeowner Control Act (S. 1619) would enforce federal zoning, energy and housing standards inspired by the radical globalist environmental agenda on communities all across America; and

Whereas:   The Dodd Homeowner Control Act will create a massive new Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities under the direction of a new "development czar;" and

Whereas:   Cities and towns would fall under the direction of un-elected boards, councils and governments tasked with enforcing the Development Czar's edicts; and

Whereas:   Homeowners could be forced to spend tens of thousands to comply with zoning, energy and sustainability mandates; and

Whereas:   Passage of the Dodd Homeowner Control Act would be an unprecedented loss of freedom, as the federal government will be deciding what type of homes we have and where we are allowed to live;

Therefore:   I urge you to vote against S. 1619, the Dodd Homeowner Control Act, at every opportunity, including voting to maintain a filibuster.

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